• Streamlining Meditech

    BlueHealth Technology specializes in scripting and synchronizing data for Meditech facilities. We have experience with Magic, Client Server and 6.x and have helped many hospitals save resources by automating daily tasks and keeping live and test dictionaries in sync.

    Streamlining Meditech
  • Power of Automation

    BlueHealth Technology is building its reputation by listening to our customers and providing quality products that meet their needs. Let us show you how the power of automation can work for you.

    Power of Automation


BlueHealth Technology has written many scripts for Patient Financial Services (PFS) at Wayne Memorial Hospital.  The amount of time this has saved my staff from manually doing these tasks is immeasurable.  One task alone saves ten hours, or more, a month and there are other scripts that run daily allowing my staff to more effectively handle their customer service responsibilities.  Additionally, the script-writing process is virtually painless for PFS; you let BlueHealth Technology know what needs to be done and they deliver a finished product for testing.  Little if any time is required of my staff once the specifications and script needs are given to BlueHealth.    They are proactive in approaching PFS with additional needs, always eager to help with processes, and make suggestions for scripting that we hadn’t even considered.  These gentlemen do an awesome job! Dean, Wayne Memorial Hospital

We didn't know having our files scripted in would save so much time until we hired BlueHealth Technology. They scripted in our yearly pricing changes faster than we ever could, the best part...we didn't have to worry about keying errors. Patrick

We hired BlueHealth to match our PHA Drug dictionaries in Test and Live for Meditech, they did a great job and always kept us posted on the progress. Great job BlueHealth. Angela