BlueHealth Technology is an industry leader in streamlining healthcare. We are committed and dedicated to finding solutions and delivering them to you. BlueHealth Technology specializes in scripting data for Hosptials that operate on one of the Meditech HCIS platforms. We have scripted with Magic, Client Server and 6.x along with other third party vendors that interface or touch the Meditech system.

BlueHealth Technology was fortunate enough to have two employees present at M– USE 2012 in Orlando FL, the presentation was a perfect example of what scripting is, how a healthcare facility can use it and save money and resources at the same time.

It’s been proven that scripting is effective, accurate and very cost efficient. So, please contact us for your scripting needs.

Advantages of Scripting:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Accomplish Tasks Faster
  • Minimal Errors
  • Free Up Resources
  • Can be run at all times of the day





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